- Soft F​​urnishing -

We import and supply high quality fabrics, blinds, wallpapers, stickers, frosted films and etc. Installation services are also provided.

- Accessories by Concept -

M2 by My Maison carries wide range of products from candles holder, photo frames, vase, kitchenware, throw cushion, sculpture, tissue box, lighting etc. Our collection of modern home decor and accessories has been curated with an eye for color and nod toward your budget. Browse our selection for the latest in modern, affordable home decor.

- FF & E -

FF & E stands for fixtures, furniture, and equipment. These are assets contained inside of a commercial building that are not part of the building itself and are not permanently attached but have tangible value and are used in the day-to-day operations of a business that occupies a commercial building.

FF & E can be office furniture, fixtures that
won’t damage a building structure when removed, and
equipment such as computers needed to conduct dayto-
day operations.

- OS & E -

OS&E standing for  Operating Supplies and Equipment. Typically OS&E are products that do not need  to be installed.

As for a hotel project, OS&E includes items such as towels, bed linen, crockery and glassware, irons and hairdryers etc. it also includes products and items that staff uses, such as uniforms, office equipment and cleaning equipment. 

We are one of the company in Malaysia that supplies and consult on OS & E item, some of the item that we supplies are as follows